Development of products in the field of the Internet of Things

Hi-Tech Nation

An independent team of engineers specializing in the development of electronics, embedded software, and wireless data solutions. We have a lot of practical developments and ready-made modules that we use in the process of developing new products. We have some experience in power electronics, telemetry, industrial automation, intelligent lighting, access control systems and other solutions related to data transmission.

About us

«В Беларуси вообще мало кто знает, что делать с "железными" стартапами». Опыт проекта Hi-Tech Nation
Full-stack Capabilities
Embedded Systems
Firmware Development / Architecture Development / Middleware and Custom Drivers / Sensors Solutions / Testing Software Development
Hardware Design
Electronic Circuit Design / Electronic Systems Design / FPGA Design /Component Selection / PCB Layout Development / Prototyping Devices
IoT Solutions
Wireless networks / Mesh / Back-end Infrastructure / Industrial IoT Systems / Data Encryption / Converting Analog to Digital / Data Analytics
Production support in factories in China
Electronics certification support
Delivery of any components from China
Hi-Tech Nation engineers have developed a new communication Protocol. It's name Q-mesh. The system architecture is based on a decentralized self-organizing network. It is designed for information transfer and facilities management and is focused on IoT support.

Key advantage: the lack of head hub, fault tolerance, predictive analytics, fully automatic configuration of routing and edgy computing.

Application cases of our solutions
How we work
Project estimation stage
Immersion in the project and its estimation, preparation of commercial and technical offer.
Project preparation stage
Development and approval of technical specifications and project specifications.
Technical research stage
Selection of the element base, architecture development, design of the project concept.
Hardware platform design
Electronic circuit design, PCB Layout Development, prototype production and testing.
Embedded platform design
Development of embedded systems, development of algorithms for digital data processing, development of test software, testing.
Custom software development
Server software development, system software development, and customer software development.
Prototyping stage
Production of prototypes, testing, making changes and adjustments to the samples if necessary.
Project final stage
Presentation of work results, preparation of technical documentation, API transfer.

Background of our engineering team

30 years
of experience in analog electronics development.
20 years
of experience in telecommunication systems engineering TDM and VoIP.
17 years
of experience in web development and server administration.
15 years
of experience in data processing, static and dynamic images, digital signal processing and information security (PhD, associate Professor).
11 years
of experience in embedded system programming, FPGA development, industrial design.
10 years
of experience in 3D modeling, architectural and object visualization, UI/UX web and mobile application design.
10 years
of experience in development of energy-efficient LED lighting systems.
10 years
of experience in digital electronics development and design of PCB.
Programming languages
C / C ++, Assembler, JavaScript, SWIFT, Java, Python
PIC, Cortex-A53, Tensilica Xtensa LX6 / LX7, ESP (8266, 32), ARM, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, CUDA, Intel FPGA
CAN, SPI, UART, DMX, USB, LAN, i2c, i2s
Modules and sensors
2G/3G/4G modules, GPS/Glonass modules, Wi-Fi modules, NB-IoT modules, BLE modules.
Less so
Intel FPGA, electric drive equipment (stepper and synchronous motor controllers), power frequency converters.

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